Constitution of the Semperhof Dresden International (SHDI)

§ 1 The association has the name "Semperhof Dresden International". Its Headquarter is in Gotha / Thuringia and is to be registered with the district court in Gotha. After its registration the name of the association is "Semperhof Dresden International e.V." (e.V. stands for registered association; the Semperhof Dresden International e.V. is already registered, Date of registration: 01.December 2003)

§ 2 Purpose of the association is to foster friendship, social gathering and music on international and carnival level.

§ 3 Every person aged 18 can apply for membership. The executive committee decides over granting the application.

§ 4 Resignation from the association is possible at any time. The resignation must be declared in a written way and must be given to a member of the executive committee. A member can be expelled if its behavior contravenes the purpose of the association. The general meeting decides over the expulsion with a majority of three quarters.

§ 5 Full members pay a contribution to the association. The expenses and the date of payment are fixed by the general meeting (right now it is 1,- euro per month). Members who pay their contribution by direct debit get a reduction of 5%.
Honored members do not have to pay contribution.

§ 6 The executive committee consists of the chairman in office (right now Jürgen Poch), two vice-chairmen (right now Dr. Roland Tiedemann, Dominique Scharff), one treasurer (right now Michael Wiesel), and a secretary (right now Peter Poch).
The executive committee is elected for two years; after the term of office the executive committee remains in office until a new chairman is elected.

§ 7 The general meeting takes place yearly, if possible in the first quarter of the year. In addition, the general meeting takes place, if it is in the special interest of the association or if one fifth of all members asks in a written way for a meeting.

§ 8 All general meetings are announced within two weeks by the chairman in office or his vice-chairmen. Doing so, the agenda is announced as well by the executive committee.