February, 6. 2013

Executive Board and members meeting in Vienna
The annual scheduled board meeting of Semperhof Dresden Int. e.V. (SHDI) took place in Vienna on February, the 2nd 2013. In this context, some members of the SHDI from Austria, Germany and Russia were present as well. In particular focus was the detailed planning of the XVII. SemperhofGedenktag, which will take place in October, the 4th 2013 in Torgau. Besides discussing questions of daily business, first ideas for the 20th anniversary of SHDI in 2016 were bundled by the executive board.
A special highlight was the welcoming of our long-term friend Bernd Kainz from Austria as a member of the SHDI. We are very delighted about this new member especially because of the particular musical enrichment within the meetings of SHDI, that Bernd Kainz brings in. We also thank Peter Louis for his tireless efforts in taking and creating new professional photographies of the executive board and members of SHDI.