March, 07, 2014

Semperhof visits Russia

A 6-member delegation of the SHDI guided by Zhanna Scheftner was visiting the city of Ishim in Russia in the past two weeks.
The tour program included a visit of the hospital and some local churches. The itinerary was highlighted by attending lectures at the local university and giving an extra tuition in a private school for children by members of the delegation. A visit of the 12th poly-technical school in Ischim was very impressive. There, our delegation was hearty welcomed by the principal Bessonowa Larisa Jurjewna. A tour through the newly renovated school and a visit of an English lesson with 6 graders perfected this day and led to new findings on the Russian schooling system. It was agreed on to build on and deepen the contact.
Besides presenting gifts and donations to our Russian friends, talks and discussions with our friends played a vital role during this visit.
Also, pictures from Russian citizens and their history were taken by Peter Louis to impel his cultural project in Vienna.
All members of the tour were impressed by the friendliness and hospitality in Russia.
Special thanks go to our organizer and tour guide Zhanna Scheftner for her excellent planning and her efforts.