-May, 08. 2006- "Thank you - Dresden!" Campaign
Celebrating the X. International Semperhof Memorial Day in Dresden Semperhof starts its Danke Dresden!
(Thank You Dresden!) Campaign. Ten years have been gone since the beginning
of the Semperhof although the headquarter of the Semperhof is in Gotha now,
this campaign is supposed to show the strong ties between its members and the city of Dresden.
Jürgen Poch, chairman of the Semperhof, says: "This city with its great people have given us a lot.
It is high time to say "Thank you". "Thank you Dresden!"
The X. International Semperhof Memorial day takes place on May,
26 in the Kulturpalast in Dresden.
As always, the Memorial day is designed to set a sign for tolerance and understanding
and will be a great festival, of course.
"I have been on all Memorial days and each of them is an unforgotten experience.
I am looking forward to being in Dresden", senior member Michael Eichler from Freising states.