-May, 27. 2006 - Business meeting at castle Weesenstein
The Chairman Jürgen Poch and his Vice-Chairman Dr. Roland Tiedemann
announced at a business meeting at castle Weesenstein that they would not run for office a second term.
Jürgen Poch explained:" Being in office for 10 years is enough and it is time to change."
Domenik Scharff is running for chairman of Semperhof Dresden International e.V.
On May, the 26th , Domenik Scharff had already taken over the position as second Vice- chairman from Mark Stefan Scheftner.
The candidates for the positions as Vice-Chairmen are Nicole Preussel and Thorsten Hammer.
Host of the meeting, Robert Obendorf, said: "I strongly regret that Jürgen Poch and Roland Tiedemann resign.
Both names stand as symbols of the great success that the Semperhof has had so far.
But I am convinced the new board of directors will successfully lead the Semperhof further and will gain new goals.
I definitely support the new board of directors."
Both, Jürgen Poch and Roland Tiedemann, made clear that they will bring their experience into the work of Semperhof in future as well.
Domenik Scharff(30) was born in Kraja near Nordhausen/Thuringia.
Nicole Preussel(25) works as a studied social pedagogic in a children's dormitory in Apolda.
She grew up in Gotha, studied in Görlitz, and lives in Jena.
Thorsten Hammer(37) grew up in Hamburg.
He graduated in Business Management and works at the department of planning and building inspection

at the Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg.