-May, 02, 2007 - XI.Semperhofgedenktag
Headlined by: "Living Humanity- fortifying community " the XI. ISHGT
took place in Jena/Thuringia from April, the 27th until May, the 1st .
In a four-day- meeting the 70 members from education and economy discussed
with students of various universities of Germany and Russia, Finlandia, and Austria
relevant topics in education and economy politics.
A central point of this Semperhofgedenktag was celebrating and strengthening of friendship
amongst all members of the Semperhof Dresden International e.V.
Highpoint of the XI. ISHGT was a festival and gala in the hotel Zur Ölmühle near Jena.
The executive committee of the SHDI thanks the organisators Katrin and Dirk Sommer
as well as the team of the Ölmühle for their warm welcome and especially all participants of the XI.ISHGT.