What is Semperhof Dresden International e.V.?

In brief:
Pfeil international culture exchange club
Pfeil financed by members'contributions and donations
Pfeil promotes education and assists learning processes
Pfeil imparts Christan-occidental values
Pfeil relies on friendship and humanity

In 1996 SHDI developed from a student friendship in Dresden to an international working culture exchange club.
Since 2002 SHDI has its headquarter in Gotha/Thuringia.
SHDI is working all across Germany as well as internationally and has vital contacts to China, Russia, USA, and other European countries.
Based on the values and ideals of a responsible, achievement-oriented, and educated society, which does not neglect public goods as well as social and Christian commitment, all members of SHDI are striving to fulfill these values in ther daily lives.

What do we want to achieve?

SHDI stands for an open and democratic society, that is ready for discussions and changes. For that, high school standards, cultural and vocational education are indispensable premisses.

In the face of the obvious and emotionally discussed deficits in the fields of schooling, education and research, SHDI relies on private and voluntary commitment to promote young and ambitious people helping them in passing schools and giving vocational guidance.

SHDI stands not only for giving guidance in career questions but imparting love and attachment as well as responsibility for the country and the community.
Not least, the realization of Christian-occidental values is of importance for the SHDI.
Because a competitive society without these values leads to a highly selective society fostering only the upper class members and by doing so produces a not wanted Homo oeconomicus.

How do we want
to achieve these goals?

By having vital contacts to schools, universities, and public institutions as well as to the private sector, SHDI is able to influence young people and encourages them for a life long learning process.
As a result, they take part in the social and public discourse and bring in their cultural and economical achievements.
Regular meetings with the members of SHDI in schools, universities and educational programs help young people in mastering their learning processes. These meetings include coachings, vocational guidance interviews, and assisting in communication with public and official institutions.
Informal gatherings and parties also help to develop a sense of belonging together. A special focus is put on traveling and exchange programs. By taking part in cultural festivals and organizing own events, SHDI draws attention and earns more and more social and public presence and acceptance.

Thank you for showing your interest in
Semperhof Dresden International e.V.

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